1:1 work

I. Love. People.

Or more accurately, I love working one to one with folks.

So much of how I do what I do is in getting to know you, listening to how you talk about the things you love, and intuiting from your language and your tone what’s really going on with you and your biz.

It’s only natural that the bulk of my work is done in a one to one setting, with an emphasis on financial accessibility, ensuring that both a high-level commitment and a one-off can get some face time with me.

So - where shall we begin?

Originally designed as a response to faux authenticity on Instagram, these sessions are rooted in a simple metaphor: you don’t need to dump all your dirty laundry online to create rapport, you only need to share one dirty sock. More on that metaphor breakdown here, but suffice it to say - don’t hold too hard and fast to it.

The One Sock Method both identifies a personal story of yours AND guides you in how you want to share that story with your people. It demands honesty of conviction and celebrates your experience over broad strokes moralistic storytelling (aka “and that’s why…”). Our One Sock sesh is the beginning of a practice: owning your thoughts, opinions, and vulnerability, and making a conscious effort to share it on your terms.

Sessions are 45-minutes, with a full recording, copy of my notes, and custom One Sock Breakdown delivered to you within 72hrs post sesh.

Ready to book yours now?
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The One Sock Sessions

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“Megan is like working with a BFF because by the time you spit out your word vomit she knows your vision almost better than you do. She is patient and listens with her heart, which allows her to conjure up some major magic and show you everything you have been wanting in your business. It's worth every penny - the ease she provides takes years off of stressing out about your business which is priceless.”

"worth every penny"

Ally Canales

“ She gets you to know yourself and your story better than you’ve ever known it - almost like meeting a part of yourself you didn’t even realize existed.”

"Megan makes you dig deep down and think and reflect."

Dr. Andrea Moore