A little Hamilton to grab your attention, but frankly, at this point you know core values are foundational to building a sustainable business online.

And while everyone’s frantically pivoting, buying ad space, and spamming your feed with vapid sales pitches, you’re ready to finally create content that connects and sell with confidence.

if you stand for nothing,

It starts with your values.

what'll you fall for?

You love your work, but you’re over the “Create a Month’s Worth of Content in 30 Min or Less” webinars.

Here's the thing:

you can be enthusiastic as hell and burnt out AF.

You have a few clients who are an absolute dream - but despite buying that niching course, you still feel like you’re hustling yourself into the ground to reach the right ears.

Though you’ve read the blogs and eBooks about how to create content that goes viral, you feel more confused than ever trying to piece it all together.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through how to do what and when.


Using the Human First Framework™, we bring into focus the guiding values of your life and solidify the kind of business you want to build. Whether that’s a deeper understanding of WHY you do the work you do or reframing your work through the perspective of your passions, your business won’t be the same as when you started.

Biz Brilliance.

A 6-week intensive designed to illuminate your brand from the inside out.

With your workbook in tow, we braindump and brainstorm how your initial responses indicate what matters most to you.

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

Our 6-week Syllabus


Upon signing up you’ll get the EXCAVATE workbook to start digging into what makes you tick. This packet is expected to be completed before our first call together, and it’s where we hit the ground running!

Before we start:


There's probably been some therapy dust kicked up, so we take this week to hone your core value stories and their definitions.


We reflect on the stories you tell in your biz marketing to better understand where you’re already in alignment with your values.


With new value clarity, we prioritize how you’ll be showing up in your biz with quarterly objectives aligned with your core values that get you to your next big goal.


Through the lens of your Core Values, we create a content calendar for the quarter that aligns your values, your goals, and your storytelling style.


All this glorious work needs boundaries to back it up - we wrap by ensuring your boundary game is strong so burnout is a thing of the past.


So we can dig deep into what makes you tick and why.

6 1:1 coaching calls

So you're always supported without crossing the therapy line.

Creative tending

So you're never left confused during the process.

Unlimited email support

Every client gets:

“I now have a solid understanding of what the foundation of my business and message is built on. My vision feels bigger and more scary but in the best way! I am taking up more space and being unapologetically myself. Our work has been life-changing.”

Molly revolutionized her biz


Molly O'Riley
The Darling Revolution

"I finally have a website and brand that I don’t feel like I have to revise. Megan not only created a brand and online presence for me, I now have the language and sense of identity for my business that attracts the clients I want to work with."

katherine has a deeper sense of identity


Katherine Appleyard
Appleyard Counseling

"I instantly felt like Megan understood both my personal mojo and my brand. Now, I feel like my brand presence helps me speak directly to my ideal clients without saying a word - it feels like me, and allows me to show up more authentically."

Erika is showing up as her whole self


Erika Tebbens
Erika Tebbens consulting

real results

Make a valuable investment

(yes, we think we're hilarious)

You may be thinking to yourself “Can’t I just do this on my own?” and the honest to goodness answer is YES! You could. There’s a whole tab up in that nav bar with free shiz that’ll get you started.

Honestly, we could all figure out most of business by ourselves with enough testing, tweaking, pivoting, and failing. But that’s the long road and that’s not what we’re here for. Burnout sucks, working in other people’s life hacks is so 2019, and you’re ready to get to work NOW, not maybe kinda sorta in a few months or even a year. Really, what this comes down to is:

You know how you can spend months analyzing a problem but a friend looks at it for 5 seconds and instantly tells you what's wrong or what needs to be fixed and it all falls together in a snap?
This is like that.

How much money and time have you lost trying to go it alone?

Unearth the core values that provide Your unshakeable biz foundation

Use your core Values to clarify what stories you tell in your marketing.





Biz Brilliance

Illuminate your brand from the inside out.

fill your content calendar with value-centered messaging that sells.

Create clear, aligned objectives so you can rock your next quarter.

Investment: $3500

What're you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

You're ready to apply.

"She was a key part of taking me from burn-out to intentionality in my business. She has this vibrant and strategic energy to her that simultaneously makes you feel truly supported while getting you to move forward in a way that doesn't lead you to more hustle, but to more purpose."

- Ashley Beaudin, The imperfect boss

"Megan is an empowering presence."

Classically trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, I made a career of parsing language and mining motivation as a professional actor for nearly a decade.

Now I work with small businesses and creative humans to bring that same dedication to language and story to core values (aka business foundations) and content marketing (aka business storytelling).

Values are my love language and storytelling is my jam.

I'm resourceful af, i've got a strong sense of boundaries, and i make shit happen.

Hey there, I'm Megan!

How do I know if this is right for me and my biz?

First off, we'll have a consult call before anything is booked to make sure this is a good fit on all sides. Assuming it's a good match, the offer is designed for folks who are over the start/stop cycle of DIY biz and have a deep conviction for running their own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I set aside daily for this work?

If you can, plan on setting aside 30-60 minutes per day most days. Got a chunk of time some Saturday afternoon? Awesome, knock it out then! Fit this in as you can, just make the commitment to this work and yourself.

Are there payment plans available?

Of course there are! We're not about charging interest either, so whether paying in full or with a 6-month payment plan, you're paying the same amount.

This sounds a lot like your freebie - what's the difference?

Obviously I think values work is indispensable - thus the freebie! - and the workbook is an excellent primer. But to revolutionize your business the way I've seen this work do time and time again? That's a higher level of commitment, in time and finances, than a free download can offer.

What if my values change?
Will I need to redo everything?

Your values may fluctuate a bit over time - but I'd venture that your definitions and value-words are simply evolving, rather than your values actually changing. Regardless, you'll have all our notes and the Human First Framework™ to fall back on no matter what changes occur in your work.

Are you currently booking?

Yes indeed! Click that link to apply, and you'll immediately be directed to book a consult call. Get on my books ASAP and let's get your biz in order for 2021.


What has it cost you to ignore your values?

"Megan is like working with a BFF because by the time you spit out your word vomit she knows your vision almost better than you do. She is patient and listens with her heart, which allows her to conjure up some major magic and show you everything you have been wanting in your business. It's worth every penny - the ease she provides takes years off of stressing out about your business which is priceless."

- ally canales, Radiant leadership collective

"Worth every penny"

- ally canales,
Radiant leadership collective