It’s a weird way to start out a page of free resources, I know, but stick with me here for a second:  I’d rather give you the basics so we can focus on the real work at hand. Plus, I feel really strongly about making this work financially accessible, so here we are. A gorgeous suite of templates to ensure your business is Human First, Biz Second™, and the only payment I ask is a trade for your email. Sound good?

Let’s get to work.

 I only give away sh*t I’d be willing to pay for.

Free Shiz

You know you need to sort out your Core Values, and you’ve got no idea where to start. Rather than bang your head against another meditation sesh with your journal, use this guide to clarify what matters most to you (and WHY) so you can fuel your business with your values (rather than fight against them).

The Values Check

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