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What Can Happen When Your Offer Aligns With Your Core

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When you first created your business or your current offers, I’m willing to bet that there was a ton of excitement. You were ready to do the thing, you were just thrilled someone was paying you for what you liked to do, and you were ready to get to work.

But then… months went by. You were doing the same thing day after day (maybe too much of it), and eventually realized that it wasn’t as perfect as you thought. Maybe your clients need more support than you originally thought, or maybe you’re seeing that the offers you’ve created don’t align with the way you want to work now.

Please don’t assume that you did something wrong if this is where you’re at. Au contraire, mi amour. This is actually a natural evolution in your business. As we get older in life, our tastes and tolerances change, right? I personally can only eat so much of the nectar of the gods (mac’n’cheese) before I regret it, and I’m not built for super early mornings anymore. That’s just how it goes.

Yet, so many of us think that we have to create businesses and build offers that fit a popular mold, and our work, our clients, and even our brains and bodies suffer for it. That’s what happens when an offer isn’t in alignment with the core of your business, or even in alignment with your values.

So what does it look like to find and create an offer that is in alignment? Glad you asked. Let me show you.

Meet the one, the only, Sabrina Torres.

Sabrina Torres owns and operates Be Truly Social, a social media management company that serves business owners around the globe, ranging from solo startups to multi-million dollar organizations. But her social media management services weren’t feeling aligned with her work or her clients anymore, and she needed some help. Allow me to set the stage for you…

It was the summer of 2021. The birds were chirping, the sun was hot, and Sabrina was absolutely tapped out with her current offers — specifically DFY social management for sooooooooo many people.

Not only was she working with (too) many clients to meet her income needs, but she was also feeling overworked. The framework she had built for her business no longer worked as her family and life circumstances changed. As Sabrina put it, “I felt like not only was I not supporting my clients in the best ways possible, but my business wasn’t supporting my life in the best ways possible either.”

That happens when you have an underpriced and misaligned offer, friends. In short: She knew things needed to change, but she didn’t know how.

In her own words, ”WTF did I want to do with my business?” She was combing through #AllTheIdeas and wasn’t sure which one to develop. So she reached out to yours truly and we started working through her ideas to find a truly aligned offer.

Getting to the bottom of things

When she applied for Offer Architect, Sabrina’s biggest concern was time. She already felt scattered and didn’t want that to affect her approach to finding an aligned offer. There was another element to all of this that I think a lot of us relate to…

Sabrina was straight-up worried that she was going to hear the same old crap she’d heard before. “Create a course” they said. “You should have a group coaching program,” they said. And she knew that those offers just weren’t going to work for her (at least, not in the context that other people had sold them).

When we started working together, though, we quickly worked past those concerns. During our time together, I asked Sabrina clarifying questions about what was and wasn’t working with her current offer, where her ideal clients were at and what they needed, and what she wanted her business to look like in order to support her life.

We started with what wasn’t working with her current offers, noting things that were on the, “Eh, I’ll be fine if i do a little of it” scale and the ones on the “NOPE never again” end of things. We also dug into her brand values and past places in her biz where she felt totally aligned, regardless of the income, focusing just on the state of flow. From there, we moved into “What if” questions about the work.

We also talked about something that Sabrina admitted she really struggled with before: Her narratives and storytelling strategy.

For one, as someone who was helping others show up on social media, she was concerned about how to show up and “be herself” without getting hyper-personal. She wanted to weave in personal stories, but needed to toe the line between intentional messaging and oversharing. To help her find that line, we:

  • Broke down the “boring” stories of starting the business, doing social media, what she loved about it, what she didn’t, the hill she would die on, etc. While most folks assume this is “boring,” there are so many nuggets to mine (and mining nuggets is my favorite).
  • Chatted at length about her strengths and who EXACTLY needed her strengths (and no extras). I also focused on offering reassurance that yes, there are people who just need the thing that comes so easily to Sabrina. She started to find examples in her own life (and many client revelations) that showed her exactly where her strengths were and how to create more of those “OMG” moments for her clients.

A new shiny (aligned) offer

After working through her biggest internal pain points — low pricing on an offer that required too much of her time — Sabrina found two new offers that checked all the right boxes: Your Social CMO and The Busy Bitch Club. 

The Social CMO was her main offer, and the one she would focus on restructuring for new social media clients moving forward. Rather than continue to manage social media on an on-demand basis, we created structure around her offer that allowed her to do her best work, better support her family, and rocked her clients’ socks off.

Your Social CMO operates with a clear set of inclusions: 

  • A 90 minute monthly recorded Zoom call
  • A content plan delivered to the client/their project management
  • A proven engagement strategy (so the client could execute on it)
  • Monthly email check in for implementation accountability
  • Voxer access for continued support
  • 60 targeted hashtags
  • Recommendations for social media graphic templates
  • Monthly analytics review

She also changed the way her social CMO packages worked: Clients would make a 3-month commitment so that she could do her best work (and allow that work to bear fruit).

This meant that she could have a dedicated quarter-long project, or a clear end-date for clients who chose a monthly option. And by not offering execution or content creation, she opened up more of her time to craft really strong social engagement strategies for clients (and get back time for herself).

During our work together, she said “…can it really be that easy?” a couple of times and the answer is a resounding YUP.

Prior to this, Sabrina admits: “[I was] trying to patch together new offers and watching them flop because I was never able to put it all together in a way that made sense.” This is something I hear all the time from biz owners and entrepreneurs because the truth is: We’re not our clients. We don’t necessarily see how our skills, their needs, and the way we want to work can all blend together.

Plus, as a Human-First™ business owner, you aren’t just looking to make the most money without providing the best service, right? Sabrina had worried that other offer models were “selfishly suited” to her life – but now she has offers that are perfectly suited to both her and her clients. Everyone wins.

How aligned are YOUR offers?

What would it feel like if you had an offer that didn’t burn you out — or burn your clients or customers? How would your life and business change if you had an offer that was properly structured, priced, and delivered so everything ran smoothly and people were WOW’d when they received it?

Right now, it might sound like a pipe dream. When we’re in the quagmire of misaligned offers, it’s hard to see a way out. There’s the time element (who has it?) and there’s the energy element (can you really maintain your current workload and craft a new offer or revamp a current one?). And don’t even get me started on the imposter syndrome and “What if nobody wants it” thoughts.

That’s what I’m here for. I’m a consultant and strategist who has tons of experience finding your unique *spark* and aligning it with what your audience needs. From there, it’s all about creating an offer suite that feels good to you and your ideal clients or customers.

In my FREE Offer Suite Guide, I’ll walk you through your skills, what you like and don’t like, and even prompt you to identify your strengths. From there, I’ll guide you through an exercise to consider your energy in different elements of your business, as well as outline your boundaries. All of that makes it so much easier to craft your aligned offer — and it’s easier than you think. Like your favorite video game NPC, let me show you the way.

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