Let's Build your offer

Your people have found their way to you.

Now it’s time to craft an offer that serves them — and you.

Build your biz to cultivate connection

The Offer Architect

You’ve nurtured your biz from a tiny seedling to its current thriving state.

There’s a mutual love-fest between you and your clients.

And you’ve amassed a community of people who want to work with or learn from you.

You can’t wait to serve those people with an offer that is *The Chef’s Kiss* of your offers.

You’ve done some seriously                 sh*t.



You want to create an offer that serves people’s needs, without burning out.

You’ve tried to build a community or course that “runs on autopilot” but it ran you.

You want to create an exclusive membership or mastermind but are worried it will require all of your time and energy.

You’re curious about how a membership could work for your business, and how one even works.

You’re not sure what your offer should even look like and keep putting it off because of the time involved.


Despite all that, my lovely friend, you have a deep conviction that there’s a way to show up for the people who’ve found their way to your weird little corner of the internet. 

It is possible to create an offer that you love.

You can light up inside when you think about the people you’ve attracted, and how much you want each of them to achieve their goals.

You can make GOOD money from your offers, when you have the right offer + approach to make it impactful.

You can create an offer that feeds your business AND your soul.

(or revamp one into something you love!)

There are plenty of folks ‘teaching’ how to launch a course or membership . . .

 . . . when all they’re offering is the cookie-cutter outline of what worked for them → it doesn't necessarily guarantee it’ll work for YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE.

It also doesn’t guarantee that the offer is the right way to show up for your people and create an offer that’s actually rooted in service and impact. 

Your offer requires a Human First, Biz Second® approach, a deeper look at who you are, who you’re serving, and where their need and your skills intersect. You also deserve 1:1 attention to your particular strengths, experience, and past efforts to help you figure out exactly what kind of offer to create.

But let's be real...

So, how does one find the perfect offer for your people & your brand?

(asking for a friend...)

Crafting a holy-moley-this-is-my-favorite-thing-ever offer isn’t just about setting up the tech and getting all your onboarding deets hammered out. 

There is strategy and intention around the right kind of offer, the right kind of curriculum or deliverables, and the right execution and processes. That way, once someone says “Shut up and take my money,” you know exactly where to start.

And sure… there are a ton of people telling you how to create an offer that does all of the above. But when it comes to your people, one-size-fits-all just won’t cut it. And it shouldn’t. 

I know for a fact that you have what it takes to create a community or a service that makes people feel seen, welcome, and supported. Whether you’re seeking to teach folks what you know (and it’s a lot!) or to do the work for them (cheers to that) or both (abso-freakin’-lutely), you can make it happen.

I want to help. BOY, do I want to help.

And it turns out, I have just the offer to extend.

My Offer Architect VIP Intensive and Renovate Intensive are an exploration + development of the best offer for your business and your people. Together, we will get clear on exactly what your offer is, how to build it, and how to integrate into your current offer suite. 

The Offer Architect

Enter stage left:

During either of these intensives, you’ll bring your vision and the current state of your offer suite to the table — and I’ll translate it all into a sustainable offer that blends service, community, and impact.

Over the course of one (1) 4-hour call, we’ll pinpoint the right offer for your brand, your people, and your bandwidth. Then, you’ll receive a guide and your “Offer Orders,” outlined by yours truly to make sure you bring this new offer to life. 

Apply now!

Now accepting applications for Winter 2022

After our VIP day ends, the rest is up to me! Over the course of 2 weeks, I will create a Cultivate & Curate Blueprint from our talks. This will have all the info you need to build the offer from soup to nuts, including tech, curriculum or delivery, and launching.


Act 4

During the last part of our day together, we’ll build out the meat and potatoes of your new offer. We’re talking onboarding, deliverables, marketing + promotions, and/or modules, topics, and more. Together, we’ll craft an experience your people will know was made just for them.


act 3

This is where the rubber meets the road. As we kick off our VIP day together, I’ll ask clarifying questions and tease out what has worked (and not) in your business. From that discussion, we’ll discuss your ideal offer and how it fits in your offer suite.


Act 2

After booking your Blueprint Session, you’ll have a little pre-work to do so we can use our time together well. You’ll receive a questionnaire with tons of juicy questions and important knowledge transfers that must be submitted 48 hours prior to our call.


Act 1

Following my Human First, Biz Second® framework, both the VIP intensive and the Renovate Intensive follow a four-act structure: 

Here’s how the Offer Architect Intensives work

Sounds pretty groovy, right?

Before we kick off your VIP call, you’ll be asked to select a date that works for your intensive. I highly recommend that you choose a day where you can focus on the pre-work questionnaire, and give yourself the day after our call to unwind and soak in all the goodness you just unearthed. Because I’m all about putting we humans first, this is the structure I know works best for my clients. 


The Offer Architect

Preparing for your Blueprint Session

It’s time to find *the* offer that allows you to show up and pour into the others the way that you’ve been craving. No more searching for solutions that just never seem to quite fit. We’ll pinpoint the Glass Slipper of All Offers and I’ll give you the roadmap you need to make it a reality.

book yours here.


There's no cookie-cutter way to build a business. 

And who would want that, anyways? 

This VIP intensive structure allows me to help you in a 1:1 capacity, ensuring that I understand your biz goals, client or community needs, and resources. From there, we’ll craft a plan that is custom for you — nothing cookie-cutter about it. Except for maybe the celebratory cookies you eat when your offer is all up and running.




Custom Cultivate & Curate Blueprint 

Let's recap this VIP value:

One (1) month of Voxer & email support

we love a good list around here.

A bespoke 20+page guide that details out: 
• A flowchart of your offers and funnels to streamline the buyer’s journey.
• A clear definition of where your offer fits in your current offer suite.
• The next steps to take to execute on your offer and put it out in the world.

I’ll be available to troubleshoot messaging and answer lingering questions — think of me as your on-call biz fairy godmother.

One (1) 4-hour call, where we will: 

• Tease out what has worked (and not) in your business.
• Discuss your ideal offer and how it fits in your offer suite.
• Outline + plan your new offer. 
• Craft an experience for your clients or members.


A thriving business that supports you and your people.

You know exactly how you’ll serve your peeps *and* get paid for your time and energy.

You’ve implemented a killer plan and you’ve got an offer that people are JAZZED about.

Picture yourself 3 months from now...

You're running your business in a sustainable manner while still wowing your audience.

You have the exact structure for your offer, so you know exactly how to deliver it.

Feels good, doesn't it?

*exhales sigh of relief*

Apply today for a spot this winter!

I'm Megan - your offer-buildin’ right hand gal.

I’m a consultant, strategist, Portland citizen, lover of baths and justice. I love a good story and help others create spaces rooted in shared values.

My background is theatrical (fun fact: I graduated from the same drama school as Benedict Cumberbatch), and I use my intense training in parsing text, mining motivations, and communicating emotions to help entrepreneurs build better businesses and communities.

Who am I to help you build your biz & offer suite?
Glad you asked...

My online community, The Connection Collective, started as a membership designed to teach content marketing and evolved into a beautiful space of support, strategy, and socializing. Taking the lessons learned in building my own membership and other offers, and pairing it with my expertise in content marketing and values-based communities, the Offer Architect Intensive was created to build the best offer for you and your audience or client base.

We can still launch your offer without one, and I’ll help you strategize a way to get your followers from the different platforms on your list. (Also - you need an email list. I'd love to brainstorm ways you can get started.)

What if I don’t have an email list?

Four hours in one day. We will have space for breaks, refreshments, and any questions! After our day is done, I will spend a week percolating on what we discussed, and then deliver a Cultivate & Curate Blueprint that has your action plan for bringing your offer to life.

How long is the Blueprint Session?

That’s where I come in! I have a series of questions I’ll ask you to help figure out which platform is going to be pain-free and sustainable for you to use. We can even play around with it a bit to make sure it works well with your brain. If there’s a learning curve, I’ll leave you with resources to help you navigate it. For community or course creators, I might recommend MightyNetworks or Kajabi, while my service pros might need a tool like HoneyBook or Asana to make their magic.

How will I know which platform I want to use for my offer?

We’ll create everything you need to get your offer up and running in about one week. You’ll receive the Cultivate & Curate Blueprint, which includes an action plan of things to implement on your own once our time together is done. This is a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to make this offer the offer. 

How long will it take to get my offer up and running?

Absolutely. Always. And always without penalty. If you need a custom payment plan, just let me know in your application and as long as we're a good fit, I will do everything I can to find a plan that works for both of us.

Do you offer payment plans?

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you've got even the tiniest bit of curiosity, apply. Give me all the word vomit of what's swirling through your head, and let's chat about what's the next best step for you and your audience.

Still on the fence?

I completely understand.
Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!