One Sock Sessions

The word is beyond overused, to the point that no one seems to know.

The good news is that being authentic just means being yourself.
The bad news is, how the f*ck does one even do that online when the very act of posting to social media is performative in nature?

WtF does authentic mean anymore…?

All you need is one sock. Not the whole hamper.

(In fact, you’re probably better off without one.) 

You do need to better understand the story you want to tell that feels a little close, a little personal, but know in your bones that it’s the thing your audience needs to hear.

You’re a passionate business owner. You feel things deeply and you absolutely want to share your passion, those feelings, the vulnerability with your readers. You know you have a personal story that weaves into your brand’s larger mission. But where is the line between impassioned emotional speech and emotional dumping?

For the love of all that is good, stop airing all your dirty laundry in a bid to show some #vulnerability. 

You don’t need an acting MFA to create genuine, authentic connection online. 


The One Sock Method identifies the story, AND ALSO figures out how YOU want to tell that story.
It finds the part of you you've been excluding or exploiting and reframes it for your people, assuring them you’re here with them and for them.

It reminds you that story is the basis of connection and there is a space where the personal and the professional intersect and we can share that story intentionally (hello boundaries!)

It’s the beginning of a practice - owning your vulnerability, and sharing it when it’s right. 

The One Sock method will teach you to IDENTIFY, CLARIFY, and STRUCTURE your most personal bits so that you are still #authentic but also #clear and #impactful. 

The One Sock Method.

That’s the power of the One Sock.


[Cue jingly chimes.]
You’re engaging with other accounts that align with your values, and you’re seeing a serious increase in the engagement in your feed. You’ve got DMs sliding in left and right from folks who not only resonate with your story but have their own they want to share and connect over. Orders are coming in for that new line of products inspired by your personal story, your calendar is full of prospective client calls, and best of all, these are the people you’ve been dreaming of ALL ALONG.

[Whooshing sound.]
Back to reality - how’d that taste?
Ya feel that ease of storytelling? That effortless connection?

Let’s have a little cut scene where you imagine your #bestlife on social.

The method was utterly simple, and completely clarifying. I knew I needed this because there's *so much* I want to share and untangling it has been impossible from my first-person perspective. Everything about our session was expertly designed to get incredible results—fast. Within minutes, we created such clear messaging and direction for myself and my business. It blew my damn mind!

Megan's ability to untangle my story, provide clear direction, and turn complex and vulnerable stories into something genuinely valuable for me to share is astounding. The clarity I got from our session gave me the messaging and direction I needed to launch my next 2 products. In 30 minutes she reshaped my brand narrative in a way that not only feels good, but also positively impacts my revenue and ability to serve my audience. I cannot recommend her enough for personal brands ready to show up, create valuable products and services, and share the stories with confidence and responsible boundaries.”

Hunter Nihland-Welling, TheAgenShe

“Mind. Blown. 

Let’s take it to social proof, shall we, with an amazing human whose work I have admired for literal years: Hunter Nihland-Welling. She’s the marketing maven behind The AgenShe, offering luxury marketing services for luxury business owners, and I was over the moon to work with her. In less than an hour we not only blasted through her hang-ups about why she could or couldn’t share her One Sock, we created a structured narrative (filled to the brim with boundaries!) to open a personal facet for her as the face of her agency without sharing any therapy wounds.

Social Proof

“I have loads and loads of stories but telling them over and over (on my podcast and others) rather bores me but I knew there were a few that are key to me getting my message out and I wasn't sure which ones. I was amazed at just how quickly we were able to get to the most important nuggets and whittle it down to a story and messaging around that story. Also it was just super fun...the way this stuff SHOULD be! I felt cared for, supported, listened to - this was some of the best money I've spent on my business lately.”

"the best money I've spent on my business"

Jen Vertanen, Going There Podcast

I am a professional writer and speaker, and yet, when it comes to talking about me, none of my so-called-expertise applies. A single session with Megan helped me to get clarity on what I really want—and need—to say.
Not only that, she helped me present my badassery in a way that is authentic and substantive and made me more able to believe it."

"excited to share this version of me with the world"

Manya Dotson, CEO of M*Power International

Get that One Sock. You’re ready. 

Awesome, go click and book your spot now. There are a limited number open per month, first come first served.

If you’re still here and reading, you may need a little convincing (not a problem, allow me):

You are not a Social Influencer Barbie.
You are not (and don’t want to be) the Regina George of your niche (though if I’m honest, I fear being a Gretchen Wieners way more than being a Regina George).
There is no rule that says on Wednesdays we twirl our hair and look off camera.

There’s just you.
And a vulnerable story that’s dying to come out.
And a waiting community ready to connect with you.

Sound like a plan?