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How to Design Your Newest Offer: Be Your OWN Offer Architect

Most of us start our business doing whatever we need to do to drive a little revenue. Need help with that? Suuuure, I can help! Oh you’re not sure how to do this? I’ll figure it out.

But what if we’re starting to feel the itch to offer something new? What if we (as Human First, Biz Second® adherents) notice that our clients, customers, and people are in need of a different kind of support? And what if — hold on to your hats — we want to stay competitive and make money?

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Do you want to find a community that “gets you” and your business? Here’s why you’ve struggled up to now and what to do!

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Struggling to keep up with content? Not sure what you should be creating? Use the 3 H’s of content marketing to kickstart your creation.

The 3 Hs of Content Marketing

Online Business

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Yes, you should give away all your secrets as an online brand.Give away all of your knowledge for free.I promise you can still make a living.In fact, you’ll make a better one. Let’s back up. So we know that social content falls into one of four main objectives: Educate – content that informs and teaches […]

Controversial Opinion: You CAN Give It All Away For Free and Still Make A Living

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Having a large audience and cultivating a community online are not one in the same. Here’s how to tell which you’re fostering in your online spaces.

Your IG Followers Aren’t Necessarily A Community (but they might be!)
Here's how to tell


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The importance of honest, truthful storytelling with responsible boundaries needs a clear understanding of Story Truth vs Happening Truth, as originally conceived by Tim O’Brien in The Things They Carried.

Story Truth vs Happening Truth:
What High School Lit Taught Me About Telling Better Stories Online


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