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Too Many Business Ideas? You Might Need a Creative Curator

Ah, the crux of being an entrepreneur. You have ideas. Great ideas, in fact! But then… you have too many ideas. Ideas that keep you up at night, demanding action or at least Rumination of The Highest Order. You just need to get something done, not have more ideas about it.

Whether it’s ADHD (whose symptoms show up frequently in studies of entrepreneurs’ actions and habits), the way we’re wired, or the fast pace that online business demands, it’s a lot. You’ve tried the brain dumps, the Post-It Notes, the project management tools, the coaching.

What you need, though, is someone to help you sort through your ideas, create action plans, and hold you accountable for bringing those best (most people-focused and revenue-generating) offers to life.

You need… a Creative Curator. *camera pans in for dramatic effect*

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What the F is a Creative Curator?

In true Megan fashion, I created my own offer after one-too-many bubble bath ideas. It all came about when I was talking to someone about coaching vs. support — especially of the mindset variety.

Sure, some amount of mindset comes into how you brainstorm, vet, and start creating your offers, and even into how you communicate with and show up for your people. 

But I’m betting you’re actively working on blocks that come up and you don’t need a mindset coach who’s not going to help you with the tactical parts of bringing your ideas to life. Sometimes, you don’t have a block around making something happen so much as no idea how to make it happen.

As a Creative Curator, I’ll help you identify what’s a business problem and what’s a therapy problem — and help you work on the business problems (while you work on the others with a more qualified professional).

This is a 3-month engagement, where I’ll act as your creative partner, the one who you can bounce ideas off of, word vomit to, and generally dump your thoughts and ideas on.

I’ll be the Strategic Sorting Hat to your best ideas (and those with room for improvement) and will also help you take action on projects that can help you show up and serve better.

We’ll set your core values in concrete, get to know your audience like you know the path to your fridge in pitch dark and work on your biz in a way that aligns with your brain, your audience, and your goals.

A Creative Curator case study

Rachel Jackson of Banyan Bridges

Want to know what it looks like to have a Creative Curator on your side? Meet my previous client, Racheal Jackson of Banyan Bridges. She’s an amazingly talented muralist with an even more amazing backstory — and her business and social media presence was growing fast.

In winter 2019, Racheal reached out to me because she needed someone who could understand how therapy problems affected business problems. She was working through things in her personal life, recognized that they would impact her business life, and wanted to make sure that the decisions she made for the business would at least reflect the reality of her situation. 

But the real root of the issue was that Racheal, in true entrepreneur fashion, had too many ideas and no idea which one to pursue. She said — and I quote — “I need a compassionate hardass to help me figure out what to do and what not to do.” So we got to work! 

In the early stages of our work together, Racheal and I had 1:1 discussions where we cataloged all of the ideas that she had and all of the ways that her business could grow. At this point, she had grown to an “Instagram influencer” status, and she had a highly engaged audience. She had toyed with the idea of nonprofit work, a mural course, a mural artist membership… There were so many ways she could serve her super-engaged audience.

At this point, there wasn’t really a question about whether or not her offers would be a success — instead, it was more about choosing the offer that should be a priority. 

One of the first things we did was evaluate her catalog of ideas (which was a lot easier to parse through when it wasn’t just rattling through her head) and get real nitty-gritty with it: What kind of legacy did Racheal want to leave? Which of those offers will make that happen? What does the future state of this business look like and what do you want it to be for others?

That’s how we started closing in on the ideas that really fit that future state and clear vision of Banyan Bridges. Then, we started building out a structure for a membership and subscription box.

Of course, it wasn’t like this was just POOF — ready to rock. Racheal had bazillion-and-one ideas about how she wanted this membership and monthly box to look. So we went through those ideas, too, and curated the ones that were actually going to fit with the overall goals for the business — and serve her people in the way she wanted. We also got clear on the tasks and steps involved, so that Racheal could see clearly what she could manage on her own, where she maybe needed to hire help or pay for a platform, and so on. And yes, we talked about profit, expenses, and all the necessary details that come with creating a new offer.

Once we worked through all of that, we created offer stack “options,” allowing her to find the structure that best fit her overall goals for the business. We also created pros and cons for each of the inclusions, so that she could get a very clear bird’s eye view of what it would really require from her to bring this to life.

It was amazing. We were making a ton of progress on this offer and she was feeling great about the resources and timeline. Of course, as they do, new circumstances arose that made it important for Racheal to shift her plans for the membership. She had two really big opportunities come her way and it was clear that the membership needed to go on the backburner.

So we went back to that laundry list of project ideas — and what we honed in on from there (knowing Racheal would have limited time and energy to focus on a new offer) was her messaging. We worked through the stories that Racheal could and should tell on social, and which stories were best left for therapy or 1:1 conversations with her people. 

Prior to working with me, Racheal would (self-admittedly) stop herself from sharing really valuable and relatable nuggets of her life because she assumed people “didn’t want to hear it.” We worked together to craft messaging that toed the line between “authentic” and “a bit TMI.” The end result? Racheal was able to show up in an even deeper way and build stronger connections with her growing community.

The long and short of it? Creative Curator isn’t just going to be another program that stuffs your offer or service/product into a box that fits one kind of business. Instead, we’ll dump out the loose bits, sort through, and polish up the treasures. And because life and business are, well, a tad unpredictable, we can adjust course as we work together. That’s why this is a 3-month relationship! 

How does the Creative Curator program work for YOU?

Like I said a second ago, The Creative Curator isn’t just another program to tell you what offer to create . Instead, my specialty lies in helping other creative entrepreneurs and business owners make sense of the Idea Swirl happening inside their heads at any given moment. 

Instead of getting lost in ideas or losing track of what’s most important at this moment, you’ll get clarity on your external offers or internal focuses. Over the course of 3 months, I can help you pin down your offer stack, your messaging, your niche, and how best to execute all of that. Over that time, I act as your partner to help you evaluate the ideas that pop into your head and identify which ideas are worthy of resources now and which can wait.

I’m like your ultimate idea filter: This one’s in alignment with your goals, that one can wait, that one can go to the bottom of the trash heap (just kidding, all ideas are gorgeous snowflakes worth treasuring).

When we first get started, though, it’s not just a free-for-all brainstorm sesh. No way, there’s more to it than that. The Creative Curator follows my signature four-step Human First Framework™:

  • EXCAVATE: Lay all your ideas out on the table so we can see what you’re working with.
  • CLARIFY: Make sense of your ideas and see which ones are the most in line with your goals.
  • PRIORITIZE: Identify which actions need to be taken to realize those ideas for the greater good.
  • STRATEGIZE: Understand how these ideas will be measured & executed.

This way, you know that your best ideas are being represented, sorted, and planned out. No more 1 am thoughts waking you up because everything will be moving forward.

Who I help as a Creative Curator

Working with any kind of coach or 1:1 service provider, you want to know that what they offer is what you actually need. It’s a reasonable request when your time, money, and limited energy are involved. So I want to be super clear on who I work with as a Creative Curator:

Content creators

Content creation is exhausting — especially when most of what you’re taught or exposed to is this idea that follower count and reach is all that matters. Thank u, next.

Instead, you have great ideas you want to bring to life and you want to do them in a way that’s not like what you see every day on IG Reels or competitor sites. Instead, you want to understand how to leverage your ideas, your message, and your story to increase:

        • Impact

        • Brand partnerships

        • Revenue

You’re ready for a partner who can help you evaluate your content, brainstorm ideas, and help you hone in on your story. And, hey, that’s me!

The Creative Curator partnership will help us sort through your best content ideas, your ideas for future (or current offers), and your stories so that you can create a strong content plan that gets you closer to your goals — and your audience.

Community builders

You’re ready to show up and carve out a cozy little home for your internet friends. You want to create a membership, support your coaching clients, and/or just share your best content with your loyal fans.

Whether you’ve got a free community or a paid one, I’m here to help you create:

        • Monthly content

        • Stronger stories

        • Future plans

As your Creative Curator, I can help you sort through all the ideas you have for starting or strengthening your community, including what to share at paid vs. unpaid levels. We can line up your offer stack (including free training and free communities that lead to paid memberships or work), your content plans, and how to welcome the right new people into the fold.

The business owner who needs guidance

Don’t fit those two buckets? That’s cool, you don’t have to. Basically, my Creative Curator program is here for business owners who want help with the structure and organization of their offer ideas, business operations, and marketing strategies. While I’m not the person to execute on everything, I will help you focus on the best ideas for your goals and your people, and make a plan to get from “Idea Swirl” to “Ideal Business.” I will help you figure this shit out for yourself — so you understand and can figure out what works best for your brain and your biz.

Is it time to call in a Creative Curator? 

Honestly, friend, one of the biggest reasons I created this package is because I know how hard it is to make progress on ideas when you’re not sure which way is up. Worse yet, you can’t go to an expert with a list of all the loose ideas you have flitting around your brain. A contractor or service provider is going to need concrete direction to bring something to life.

But what if you don’t have the ingredients for concrete? What if, at best, you’re working off brain goo with absolutely no density to it? That’s where I come in. You don’t have to have ideas fully formed when you work with me; I’ve been called an Idea Translator, a Compassionate Hardass, a Brand Therapist, a Creative Fairy Godmother, and more. And I can do that for you.

We *always* need someone outside ourselves to offer perspective and support, and who can catch the holes inherent in our ideas. You’re the expert in what you do, and I’m the expert you need to help you translate that into something your audience resonates with.

So… should we work together? We should totally work together. Click this shiny link to learn more and apply. 

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