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As much as you may want to run your creative biz through sheer grit and determination, all the passion in the world alone won’t open wallets. You need a creative partner, someone to offer perspective outside yourself, guiding you toward your goals and lovingly calling you out on the shit that's got you procrastinating. Call me your personal compassionate hardass, call me your brand therapist, just don't call me late for dinner.

Dad jokes optional,
transformation inescapable.

Let's get to it, shall we?

And you're in the right place.

My work is to help find the alignment of values, skills, strengths, and boundaries that keeps your work growing in a Human First, Biz Second® direction. Together we bring into focus the guiding values of your life and solidify the kind of business you want to build. No matter your goals, niche, or expertise, there's one thing I can say with complete confidence: your business won’t be the same as when you started.

You are a rainbow-infused space unicorn, you gorgeous human.

You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful, musk ox.

You know you've got an unparalleled secret-sauce superpower - you just want someone to tell you how to make it shine.


"Working with Megan allowed me to step back from figuring out which idea was best all by my lonesome, and helped me clarify a number of ideas I've had on the back burner and flesh them out into actual plans."

found idea clarity & action:



"Megan just GETS IT!  At the very end of our conversation she processed everything I said and presented it again, simplified and concise. It was magical and gave me a safe place to always come back to in my messaging."

found Messaging magic:


real results

Human First, Biz Second  means honoring both the human behind the biz & the humans in the audience alike.


Nothing is wrong per se, but things are feeling a bit stagnant and you don't know why...


ooh, i'm intrigued...

Instead, in The Plateau Prescription we'll mine your values, skills, strengths, and boundaries to uncover what's really getting in the way of your flow. With your bespoke Prescription PDF in hand, your next 90-days have a solid plan of action to get you past that rut and get you back to your zone of genius.

Your next iteration doesn't Need to follow a framework set by someone else's business model.

The Plateau Prescription

The Compass

Coming soon...

You've hit a creative wall and know the next evolution of your work doesn't look like anything you've seen before...


I was ready to pack it in and find a 9-5 somewhere. With this new clarity, I know how to create offers that make sense for me *AND* make me money. After $1000s spent on courses, workshops, masterclasses and the like, I finally understand my own biz foundation and know I can build on it whatever makes the most sense for me and my clients.

"Best money I've spent on my business to date."

rediscovered her *spark*


Working together facilitated The Freaking Breakthrough that was staring me down for who knows how long: who my target market is and why they connect with me. I gained confidence and clarity in my voice and direction, and I know how to share personal stories that matter in building potential client relationships.

"I found my place to shine within a busy market."


grew her confidence & clarity

I went in with the intention of developing a better narrative strategy and messaging clarity, but instead, I came out of our 1:1 work with a completely different direction for my business that was truly grounded in who I am, what excites me, what my values are, and the need that I can fill. Megan helped me identify and unite various thoughts and inclinations I had over the years into a tangible vision and business that feels like mine.

"Our work together didn't fit into a standard box."

found new direction


you don't have to take my word for it...

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If reading every corner of a website and doing some light internet stalking to get to know someone is your jam, please, have at it! If you're eager to just cut to the chase, clickety-click that button below and shoot me a missive of what's on your mind.

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