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I. Love. stories.

All humans are storytellers - no question.
Shared stories are quite literally our most primitive and formative type of connection, and when it comes to online presence, storytelling is what takes you from content crickets to a thriving community.

Together, we'll clarify your narrative, tighten your offers, and set some solid boundaries so you can serve your people without draining yourself.

We're not fueling a fan base - we're building a brand fam.

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One Sock Sessions

You don’t need to dump your dirty laundry online to create rapport: you only need one dirty sock. 

The One Sock Method™ identifies a personal story of yours AND guides you in how you want to share that story. These sessions are the beginning of a practice: owning your vulnerability and making a conscious effort to share it on your terms.

The Offer Architect

check out the collective.

The Connection Collective

A true collective - all types of businesses and practices welcome, rooted in a shared value of community. We have weekly coworking, monthly events, and a Slack that's always hopping.

Curious if this is the community you've been searching for?

excited to start building?

Your next iteration doesn't have to follow a framework set by someone else's business model.

Whether product, service, course, or membership, The Offer Architect gets you set up with the structure, systems, and launch of your soon-to-be signature offering.

think of me as your brand therapist -

guiding you toward the good stuff and calling you on your bullsh*t.