“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic.”

Hey there folks - I’m Megan, storyteller to small businesses and entrepreneurs that yearn to create real connection with their “audience”. Aka community. Aka clients. Aka real people with real lives.

Also founder of Human First, Biz Second™ and the original Spicy Soapbox™.

If there’s one thing I know it’s this: 

Stories are connection. 

Seth Godin

It’s in everything we do and in every way we interpret the world around us (whether or not we’re conscious of this).

My work is to help you tell the story you know to be true.

Call me your personal compassionate hardass, call me your brand therapist, just know that you can call on me when you need some language love and you can’t seem to find the words. Because as much as you want to run your creative biz through sheer grit and determination, all the passion in the world alone won’t open wallets if there's no clear narrative.

I believe in:

Good books, the necessity of plants, magical storytelling, good food, persistent curiosity, and candor.

I'm not about:

Financial exclusivity, gendered-business building, shame-based learning tactics, or yucking your yum.

You can find me:

Sipping a cold brew, having deep chats in the DMs, crying happy tears with 1:1 clients, and feeling my feelings through journaling, doodling, and dancing.

I know without a doubt that story is an ever-present, irrefutable fact of life. 

How We Work

You are worthy of investment.


You don’t need to try harder, you just need to START.


Our work together balances on these principles:

You do not need to research anything else in an effort to solve your own problems. 


You can trust in yourself.


There is no Online Entrepreneur Certificate -
you don’t need a specific degree or certificate or qualification to run an online business.


I only work with folks who are all in.

A historian and actress by training, and a deeply sensitive human by nature, I quite honestly have no recollection of a time that wasn’t defined by narrative. I spent hours in my bedroom trying to fling myself onto my bed with the despair and grace of Belle in Disney’s animated Beauty & the Beast. Much to my chagrin, I never found the right pair of shoes that held the gravitas and resonance that Michael Caine’s had as Scrooge in The Muppet Christmas Carol. And try as I might, I could never get my ponytail to flop just that perfect way the way Lindsay Lohan’s did in The Parent Trap. Because in my mind, these experiences weren’t just within the story, they were for me, they were part of how I moved through the world and made sense of what it was to be a human. A tumultuous human. A human brimming with emotion so near the surface I still reference the Kristen Bell sloth-video when folks ask why I’m crying - there’s a narrow window of no tears, but get me happy or get me sad, and oh the tears they flow.

Cut scene to my third and final year of college. I was graduating early because I could (and that’s what you’re supposed to do if you can, right?) and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with myself (graduating college and expecting to join the ‘real world’ at 20 was a terrible idea) and I found myself auditioning for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art because WHY NOT. I was in the library to meet with my Historic Plays study group, and an email popped up, address @lamda.co.uk. Subject: Results Of Your Recent Audition. And of course, upon opening, the body of the email detailed that the results were in the attached letter. HOLY CATS MY NERVES. I didn’t have a chance in the world. And yet - we hope. Hope beyond hope beyond hope that maybe there’s a sliver of a chance.

We regret to inform you that we do not have a spot for you in the Three or Two Year Acting Courses.
However, we are delighted to offer you a place in the One Year Classical Acting Programme!
Entry to LAMDA is highly competitive, so congratulations on achieving a place.

It was a year of intense learning, intense emotion, intense growth - the most rigorous theatrical and life training I think I could imagine. And the story of LAMDA is for another time, but suffice it to say:

Ready to go all in?

I love language.

I love stories.

And I love more than anything listening to the most ordinary stories of folks lives because that is where the magical connection lies.

I have a zero-tolerance policy for slurs against marginalized communities.

I am decidedly anti-racist and actively working to mitigate my harm as a white woman.

I fully support all gender identity and expression.
I myself am on meds for my mental health and will loudly speak out against pill-shaming.

This is a place for all marginalized genders. The language of “womxn and non-binary” humans can sound like I’m talking only about femme expressions of gender, so I use the term “marginalized genders” to ensure a full gender spectrum of expression.


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