Looking for surface-level connection & one-size-fits-all offer guidance?

Sorry, we don’t do that here.

You’ve heard all about creating an ideal client avatar.
You know that you need to “speak to your audience.”
And you’re ready to create offers that feel good for you, make some moolah, and help everyone in the process.

There’s just one thing:
You’re kinda disillusioned by most advice on how to Target Your Audience.

Umm… That sounds hostile.
And the classic Personal Online Business Brand cookie-cutter?
They’re just not your style.

Instead of crafting offers that fit specific avatar needs to create a value ladder that drives revenue (jargon, much??), you want to…

Build a business that feels good to you

Help real people, not just an avatar.

Foster community & connection.

 to the Human First, Biz Second® Inner Sanctum.

You need someone to help coach you, to facilitate your own discovery of what works for you and your people. 

You need someone to help you strategize, who understands your mission and vision, and who can help you make the impact you're craving.

You DON’T need someone to offering boiler-plate templates and milquetoast frameworks with little-to-no regard for your own expertise.

If this sounds like you...
You've found the right place, my friend.

You're not about a vapid fan base of empty likes or a community built on a cult of personality...

You're ready to build a brand fam that's rooted in values and powered by connection.

Welcome -

I'm Megan, your new brand therapist.

As a storyteller and strategist, I know how to foster connection like it's my job (cuz it is). I'm all in on your biz goals and want to see you succeed as much as your bubbe does.

I work with feminist small biz owners & entrepreneurs to build out-of-the-box business models and offer suites that create real connection with their “audience” —

Aka community. Aka clients. Aka real people with real lives.

Founder of Human First, Biz Second® and the original Spicy Soapbox™, I’m also receiving coaching certification through the Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching to deepen the work I do with clients to help them find their stories, their offers, and their people.

Actor by training.
Small biz owner by choice.
Wildly enthusiastic by nature.

I believe in...

The magic of a good story, the necessity of plants, persistent curiosity, and heartfelt candor.

I'm not about...

Financial exclusivity, business "hacks" that depend on exploited labor, shame-based learning tactics, or yucking your yum.

You can find me...

Sipping a cold brew, having deep chats in the DMs, crying happy tears with 1:1 clients, and feeling my feelings.

Daily rituals...

Slow mornings, cuddling floofy kittens, good skincare, mindful movement, and plenty of snacks. No seriously - snacks are life.


MY SUPERPOWER IS HELPING you Build a business with YOURS.

“I now have a solid understanding of what the foundation of my business and message is built on. My vision feels bigger and more scary but in the best way! I am taking up more space and being unapologetically myself. Our work has been life-changing.”

- Molly rivera,
the darling revolution


let's work together!

Do you need someone to offer perspective outside yourself?
Someone who can guide you toward your goals?
Someone who can lovingly calling you out on the shit that's got you procrastinating?

Call me your personal compassionate hardass, call me your brand therapist, just don't call me late for dinner.

Shall we make this official?