Building brands that cultivate connection.

You're not about a vapid fan base of empty likes or a community built on a cult of personality.

You're ready to build a brand fam that's rooted in values and powered by connection.

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How 'Human First' are your services and offers?

It may be time to revisit your Core Values to better understand what's working, what's not, and where you're eager to grow.

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You didn't start your own business because you love wearing 29 hats at once. You started your business because you wanted to build something that would have a positive impact.

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I'm Megan, your new brand therapist.

Actor by training, small biz owner by choice, wildly enthusiastic by nature, I know how to foster connection like it's my job (cuz it is). I'm all in on your biz goals and want to see you succeed as much as your bubbe does.

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"Megan's one of the only people I've felt like truly coached me through the whole process and was invested in not just my financial success but my actual wellbeing."


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If you know you need some assistance but you're at a loss as to where to start, shoot me a message and let's hash this out. Whether I'm the right service provider or coach for you, or you're looking for something else, I've got a killer network - we'll find you what you're looking for.