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  • Because the language isn’t actually specific to you - it’s just good words with a dash of emotion.
  • Because the values professed aren’t clearly defined - leaving a lot up to individual interpretation.
  • Because all that gorgeous copy rarely reflects the specificity of your unique message that you know to be true.

Your work isn’t a hollow facsimile of every other online business upstart (which is frankly your nightmare).

You're ready to master the telling (and selling) of your unique approach.

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I help do-it-differently small business owners clarify the nuance of what they do, how they do it, and why it matters in order to effectively market their unorthodox approach.

For Creative Biz Owners Stuck On 'Industry Norms'

Who deserve to be known for their do-it-different approach

Values Coaching

Brand Consulting

Narrative Strategy

When you're constantly overdelivering and burning out on your own business.

When things don't feel wrong, but they don't feel right, and you're stuck with on what to do next.

When you’re ready to be a bit more personal in your marketing with no idea where to start.

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Befuddled by weekly emails?
Exhausted by the pressure to post daily to IG?
Overwhelmed with networking events?

This quick quiz will identify your Connection Archetype and tell you exactly where to put your marketing efforts so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time making sure others know you exist.

Market your way.

Leverage your Natural People Skills

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Yet after weeks, months, heck YEARS (and a pretty penny too) of trying to crack the code, you still feel like it’s not landing properly with folks.

It’s not a matter of passion or values or gumption - it’s a matter of clarifying what you do, how you do it, and why it matters.

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Hey there - I'm Megan

Actor by training, small biz owner by choice, wildly enthusiastic by nature, I know how to take your messiest word vomit about why you do what you do and succinctly clarify it into language that feels like you’re finally being seen for your brilliance. I’m all in on your biz goals and want to see you succeed as much as your bubbe does.

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"Megan's one of the only people I've felt truly coached me through the whole process and was invested in not just my financial success but my actual wellbeing."


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If you know you need some assistance but you're at a loss as to where to start, shoot me a message and let's hash this out. Whether I'm the right service provider or coach for you, or you're looking for something else, I've got a killer network - we'll find you what you're looking for.