A mini-intensive to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and create a strategic plan of action tailored to your energy, boundaries, and how your brain works best in your business.

Working with a coach can be really daunting since you have to get a bit vulnerable and trust the person with your business, but once we got on the call, all that anxiety washed away. Megan was patient, empathetic, and so freaking FUN! She guided me in a way that felt natural - like chatting with your best friend over coffee.

Her experience in the online business space was evident as she could easily give me ideas and direction at a time when I felt utterly lost. I am forever thankful for our time together as it gave me a better understanding and perspective of where I want to go with my business, making it much easier for me to navigate as a stay at home mum of 3 young kids. 

- Nihaad Gamieldien,
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"Like chatting with a bff"

You can clearly see what your business looks like the next 1-2 years.

You have a concrete, specific plan of action unique to your business that you know you’ll complete with ease; no formulas, no templates, no biz clones here.

Let’s take a quick imagination vacation - picture this, 2 weeks from now:

Feels good, don't it?

*exhales sigh of relief*

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You know exactly what needs to be done next.

Not only do you have a plan for the next 90-days - you know how you want to experiment with your marketing efforts to keep yourself engaged with your business and in lovely flow state.

You’re past the apathy.

You love the idea of your work AND each contract actually has you in your zone of genius; you’re happy, your clients are overjoyed, and you can clearly see what growth looks like over the next year or two.

So what does it look like?

Next Step Navigator is a personalized analysis of your business that identifies what comes next (and gives you a fully laid out plan to actually get it done). In just 2 weeks you’ll walk away with an analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and what to take action on PLUS a fully fleshed out project plan.

For some this looks like a content calendar and social media plan that works with their brain and energy levels.

For some this looks like pitching weekly to publications and peers to talk about their signature process (and why it matters!).

And for everyone this looks like a personalized marketing plan designed and aligned with your values, strengths, and energies.

The second you sign up you’ll be whisked off to fill out your Human First Evaluation - it’s a meaty lil questionnaire where you’ll give me all your word vomit about your values, what you’re good at, and how your business needs to serve you.

Upon completion you’ll be invited to sign-up for your 90-min intensive call on Zoom - and I’ll get to work analyzing the info you’ve given me and identifying why you’re stuck on this particular plateau.




Phase 1

Phase 1

Within 2 weeks of submitting your evaluation you'll receive a jam packed analysis of your eval answers, my personal recommendation of what to do next, and a full project breakdown of how to do it.

Your personalized guide will be delivered no later than 48hrs before our intensive, so you’ll have a chance to peruse everything and prep your questions.

Your Navigation Guide

Phase 3


Phase 1

Phase 2

We’ll start our intensive by addressing any questions you may have about your guide, then dive straight into your bespoke action plan, tailoring tasks (and sub-tasks upon sub-tasks) to the level of accountability you need to make sure you follow through.

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Phase 2

Phase 1

Phase 3

Megan has a way of coaxing from you the essence of what you offer, and giving you the messaging framework to share that with the people who need to hear it!

I was struggling to think about how to share both my company values, and MY value. It has been hard for me to promote myself, which is exactly what I need to do to be able to describe what is unique about what we offer. Megan helped me so much in repeating my own words and thoughts back to me in a way I could better hear and understand. Having her as a thought-partner allowed me to experiment with messaging that resonated, as well as helping me to build my confidence in sharing what makes my services so valuable!

- Chris Wallace Caldwell,
Catalysis Inc

"a valuable thought-partner"

If you're frozen on what to do next...

Close instagram, step away from the new software subscription, no you do not need more mindset coaching.

You're ready for a clear, concise marketing plan of strategic action for the next 90-days.

You’re ready for your navigation guide.

Grab your rucksack and let's go!

Hey there - I'm Megan.

I help do-it-differently small business owners find the language to talk about — and sell — their unorthodox approach.

Between my theatrical training and gorgeous neurodiverse brain, I know how to parse even the most convoluted of ideas into creative biz gold, and thrive in identifying the space between biz problems and therapy problems.

I’m the founder of Human First, Biz Second®, the original Spicy Soapbox®, and Hello, CEO™.

I also need a minimum of 3 beverages at all times. 😆

Actor by training.
Small biz owner by choice.
Wildly enthusiastic by nature.

For more about me and how we might work together, tappity tap here for the offish bio and about page.

Contact me here!

If you've got even the tiniest bit of curiosity, shoot me an email. Give me all the word vomit of what's swirling through your head, and let's chat about what's the next best step for you and your business.

Still on the fence?

I completely understand.
Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!